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So here I am, dusting off my Lizardmen (or Xenophon or whatever they're called now)
I have a whole battalion worth, sitting here collecting dust because I just lost interest in them

with the advent of age of sigmar I have decided to forge a brand new army, because I was horribly beaten by tomb kings (curse their bravery 10 and standard bearer rules) with my skaven, I found new motivation!

so I am going against standard lizardy colours and I quite like the muted tones compared to the bright greens and blues you usually see daubed over a lizard army.

I have noticed that they look horrible under a close up camera shot than by the naked eye. I should probably go back over them

anyway c&cs welcome

P.S I don't even know what C&Cs stand for, everyone just puts them on the bottom of their project logs
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