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What are your opinions on this army
2 slann
1 takes lore of beasts and turns himself into a dragon
the other takes lore of light and makes his unit uber bent with ASF I10
3 attacks each M8 and WS10 ( it's 2 different spells)
I have chakax who will hopefully become S8 with 8 attacks due to lore of beasts (i think the opponent will be too worried about a dragon to remember that I cast that spell hehe.
40 temple guard the revered guardian causes terror because of his magic item if they get charged they will hit first on 3s reroll wound on 3s and have 47 attacks then chakax gets to strike the unit is unstoppable.
To take up core I have 80 saurus (2 units with command)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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