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Hey, so I'm board and called up a friend for a game. This is the first time I've done a game at my house (with my new super-awesome ghetto-board; a 4X4 board of plywood) so to mark the occasion; live battle report!


Hey wow that took a while. Finaly starting


Turn 1 :

Anihlation, pitched battle

My army:
LC with powerfist
Inquisitor lord with force weapon, power armor, 3 crusaders and a land raider
Tech-priest with 5 servitors, 2 multi-meltas and a chimera
Executioner with plasma sponsons
Platoon A with 5 squads
Platoon B with two squads and three missile launchers

My oponents army:
Terminator lord with mark of khorne daemon weapon and combi-melta
10 plauge marines with powerfist plasmapistol and two plasmaguns
10 plauge marines with powerfist and two meltaguns
7 posesed (furrious charge)
10 chaos space marines with mark of nurgle power weapon flamer and plasmagun

The land raider and missile launchers destroyed two chaos space marines, other shootign was inefective. The 50 man platoon surged forward.

On chaos's turn, chaos space marines killed 4 guardsmen swith shooting.

Turn 2 :

6 plauge marines were killed by the executioner while in cover, fearlessnes saves them. The 50 man platoon moved again.

The posesed moved up towards the advanceing guardsmen and run with the lord, the chaos space marines and both squads of plauge marines also moved forward

Turn 3 :

Massed guard shooting destroys 5 possesed, the rest of the CSM go unmolested.

The last 2 posesed charge the guardsmen killing 3, scattered shooting mostly misses

Its worth pointing out that those two possesed survived 100+ lasbolts and 5 plasmacannons :shok:

Turn 4 :

Plasmafuntime kills two plauge marines from one squad and one from another in a bout of rediculous scattering, and a lucky missile kills another plauge marine.

The possesed are whittled down to their last man, after killing 4 guardsen, and some well placed shooting wipes out a platoon command squad in one go.

Turn 5 :

The Executioner wipes out the CSM and fails to kill a plauge marine, who promply dies of a krack missile to the face. The tech-priest charges into the gigantic combat in the middle of the board along with the inquisitor and fineshes off the last possesed.

Plauge marines kill two crusaders and wound the inquisitor, the chaos lord charges the tech-priest with his daemon weapon, rolling double 5s for 14 attackes (ah!) ... the tech-priest is verry verry dead after that encounter. :cray:

Turn 6 (start):

Plasmafuntime kills 4 plauge marines (after a dizzying number of cover saves) and massed rapid fireing from lasguns fails to scratch the paint of the chaos lords armor. The commisar detatches and charges the termiantor lord with the inquisitor... who procedes to kill them both along with the crusader at his higher initiative... *facepalm*

Chaos shooting is fairly sparce, the lord charges the gigantic mob of now leaderless guardsmen killing 4, and wounding himself on his daemon wepaon.


The dice speak and the game ends, chaos ahead by 1 KP because of the really stupid idea I had of chargeing in with all my HQ choices... yeah, daemon weapon rock. Plasmafuntime did pretty dam well though... I just braught it because I thaught it would be funey and it ended up killing all but 5 of his guys. Of course, those 5 were remnents enoughf to deny me my rightfull KPs! :angry: Ah well... from now on my goal is to build and HQ loadout capable of killing that lord!


Contrary to my previous claims there will be no pictures, the cord is missing :(

The field is 4X4 with a large ruins on the right between the deployment zones, two bunkers in my side and a bunker and two smaller ruins on his side.

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Nice, simply laid out report, sounds like you guys had a fun time. Thanks for that, charging the Chaos Lord did make me smile in anticipation of the impending deaths...... ;o)
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