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Lists to cope with alsorts 2000 points

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Hi all, I am after a list or 3 that I can stick to that will cope with many different armies when playing at my club. I'm the sort of person that is ok at writing lists but I dont get a massive amount of joy from it and due to my inexperience they usually end up rather unbalanced. I'm normally rushing when writing a list too due to being rather busy with work and the kids.

I mostly play Nids, Dark Angels, Eldar, Grey Knights, Orks, Blood Angels, The other knights (can't remember exactly)

Lists can be battle forged or Unbound.

I have a lot of, if not most models out of the codex, a few tanks and 1 Drake. I also have the black legion codex. I can proxy most stuff too as my clubs ok with that. Be'lakor, Cypher and helbrute dataslates, too.

Anyway, please feel free to throw in a few ideas. The last list someone wrote for me I used in a tournament and I just got better and better with it and ended up beating quite a few old schoolers :) thanks neferhet!
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in 7th ed i strongly suggest unmarked sorcerors: they rock.
familiar gives the sorc the ability to reroll all of his warp dices cast to get success in order to launch a power basically making them the most powerful sorcerors of wh40k.
Spell Familiars are insanely good. The normal chance to cast is here, but in Red is the chance to cast with a spell familiar.

Chance of successful cast for a 1 Warp Charge spell:

1d6: 50% 75%
2d6: 75% 93.75%
3d6: 87.5% 98.4%
4d6: 93.75% 99.6%
5d6: 96.88% 99.9%
6d6: 98.44% 99.9%

Casting with 1 dice now becomes viable, casting on 2 seems to be almost guaranteed.

Chance of successful cast for a 2 Warp Charge spell:

2d6: 25% 43.75%
3d6: 50% 75%
4d6: 68.75% 90.2%
5d6: 81.25% 96.4%
6d6: 89.06% 98.8%
7d6: 93.75% 99.6%
8d6: 96.48% 99.8%

Casting with 3 dice now becomes viable, casting on 4 seems to be almost guaranteed.

Chance of successful cast for a 3 Warp Charge spell:

3d6: 12.50% 23.4%
4d6: 31.25% 52.7%
5d6: 50.00% 75%
6d6: 65.63% 88.1%
7d6: 77.34% 94.8%
8d6: 85.55% 97.9%
9d6: 91.02% 99.1%

Casting with 4 dice now becomes almost the same as without using 5 (normally considered good), and 5 is better than 6 (normally considered viable), casting on 6 seems to be almost guaranteed.


A lot of stuff it is about finding what you have and finding out where your weaknesses are and try to prevent them.
Personally I love Maulerfiends running along side bikers and chaos spawns. Also if unbound things like Hounds of Khorne from Daemons are nice and cheep and normally a bit of a threat.
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