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Lists to cope with alsorts 2000 points

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Hi all, I am after a list or 3 that I can stick to that will cope with many different armies when playing at my club. I'm the sort of person that is ok at writing lists but I dont get a massive amount of joy from it and due to my inexperience they usually end up rather unbalanced. I'm normally rushing when writing a list too due to being rather busy with work and the kids.

I mostly play Nids, Dark Angels, Eldar, Grey Knights, Orks, Blood Angels, The other knights (can't remember exactly)

Lists can be battle forged or Unbound.

I have a lot of, if not most models out of the codex, a few tanks and 1 Drake. I also have the black legion codex. I can proxy most stuff too as my clubs ok with that. Be'lakor, Cypher and helbrute dataslates, too.

Anyway, please feel free to throw in a few ideas. The last list someone wrote for me I used in a tournament and I just got better and better with it and ended up beating quite a few old schoolers :) thanks neferhet!
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Cheers guys, a few thoughts for me to ponder on there. I suppose I will develop better list writing skills in time. I may sod everyone else and design a list to take against each of my opponents.
Ok, suppose I should have done that in the first place. This is the list I used against Imperial and Grey Knights. I knew he was bringing a super heavy (forget what its called but it was big) And I also knew he would have plenty of psychic dice to use.


Juggerlord of Khorne AoBF and 5 bikers with MON and 2 meltas

Lord with the Nurgle steed and eye of night manning the lascannon after shooting the eye of night

Bastion and lascannon

3 obliterators in the bastion

Helcult formation
Helcult formation

1 spawn
1 heldrake

I didn't go too well as I made a mistake deploying be'lakor and his supper heavy destroyed my bastion and its occupants. First time I'd used the helcult formations so will do better with them next time.
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Cheers Neferhet. 9 or even 18 Obliterators may be a problem. I can proxy but I don't have enough terminators; can always design a raised base to sit my marines on! Never used a sorcerer before so may give that a bash.

What does the spell familiar give us in 7th?
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