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Lists to cope with alsorts 2000 points

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Hi all, I am after a list or 3 that I can stick to that will cope with many different armies when playing at my club. I'm the sort of person that is ok at writing lists but I dont get a massive amount of joy from it and due to my inexperience they usually end up rather unbalanced. I'm normally rushing when writing a list too due to being rather busy with work and the kids.

I mostly play Nids, Dark Angels, Eldar, Grey Knights, Orks, Blood Angels, The other knights (can't remember exactly)

Lists can be battle forged or Unbound.

I have a lot of, if not most models out of the codex, a few tanks and 1 Drake. I also have the black legion codex. I can proxy most stuff too as my clubs ok with that. Be'lakor, Cypher and helbrute dataslates, too.

Anyway, please feel free to throw in a few ideas. The last list someone wrote for me I used in a tournament and I just got better and better with it and ended up beating quite a few old schoolers :) thanks neferhet!
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Put up a list that you like and post it on here and ask for feedback. Its a great way of learning whats good and whats not!
18 units of 1 obliterator (1260)

3 units of 5 noise marines + blastmaster & meltabombs (390)

Heldrake/baleflamer (170)

Nurgle Daemon Prince, wings, Cursed Mace (245)

18 units of 1 obliterator
what the fuck is wrong with you?! This is insane....

In other news, i'm off to buy about 12 boxes of obliterators...
15 units of 1 obliterator
4 units of 5 noise marines w/blastmaster
(then, from Iron Hands Space Marines)
1 ironclad dreadnough in drop pod
1 dreadnought in drop pod
1 dreadnought in drop pod
You should start a thread for unbound army lists. I could sit here and eat a whole bowl of popcorn while I read them.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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