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Lists to cope with alsorts 2000 points

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Hi all, I am after a list or 3 that I can stick to that will cope with many different armies when playing at my club. I'm the sort of person that is ok at writing lists but I dont get a massive amount of joy from it and due to my inexperience they usually end up rather unbalanced. I'm normally rushing when writing a list too due to being rather busy with work and the kids.

I mostly play Nids, Dark Angels, Eldar, Grey Knights, Orks, Blood Angels, The other knights (can't remember exactly)

Lists can be battle forged or Unbound.

I have a lot of, if not most models out of the codex, a few tanks and 1 Drake. I also have the black legion codex. I can proxy most stuff too as my clubs ok with that. Be'lakor, Cypher and helbrute dataslates, too.

Anyway, please feel free to throw in a few ideas. The last list someone wrote for me I used in a tournament and I just got better and better with it and ended up beating quite a few old schoolers :) thanks neferhet!
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2.000 points, many different army's, one list.

mate, you ask for the philosophers stone, it can't be done.

blob guard and armored guard are different beasts and the weapons you need to fight are so radicly different from the other that if you brought a balanced all comers list to fight both extreme's, you lascannons can't kill enough guard, or your hell drake just annoys a lemen russ. it's what makes these lists so dangerous, not the units, but the number of units that overwhelms there counter .

this has only tripled now that a list can go unbounds and bring nothing but, say tanks. in such a case a 'inbetweeny' army list would find maybe half it's fire power worthless as bolters just tickle the tanks.

now is this a bad thing? pends on your perspective, I'm neutral on the subject, but then again I'm guilty of scribbling out army lists at the last moment since are gaming group often has no idea how many tables were need to play on and the point level of the tables due to the number of people until the last moment, that said I can see the issue.

sorry mate, I just don't see how you can make a all comer list even against even one codex, more then one? nope. just can't be done.

now to be constrictive,

build bunch of lists and reuse them. you opponent today a space marine tread head? break out your armor cracking list, guy breaking out a tyranid swarm? pull out the blast weapons, death wing? Plasma for every one!

now, this might be a bit unsporting, but frankly with the now sheer amount of options unbound gives (for example space marines alone can go Mech, foot, hybrid, death wing, jump assault, flying circus, bike rush, and maybe something else I'm forgetting, Command squad spam?) I don't see much other choice.
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rule zero with unbound army's, don't be a dick.

I'll play all oblerators, that sounds like fun.

but I won't play 18 squads of one obliterator given that each of my squads can only kill one of those guys a turn, while you have all the firepower of the whole thing. that is unfair, cheesy and I'll take my army and go else where.
I am right now starting the "Unbound & Popcorn " thread.

Also @dragonkingofthestars of course i'll never be a total dick. i'm just making fun of the new unbound madness taken too far. Besides, i'd be very disappointed if someone just walks away from a game bacause i bring a dickish list, for once, just for fun. Once in awhile wouldn't be fun to just throw a dicklist at your opponent? i'd even be ok with list swapping. I'd say that you should walk away from that guy that ALWAYS bring a cheese fest list. (on a side not, do you walk away from Taudar, wave serpent spam, sit-and-shoot tau gunlines or triple wraithknight lists? for me those are the true dick lists: they are not even fun nor stupid. just a bick dick covered in cheese...)
wouldn't know, no one in are group plays elder or those type of tau.

Maybe I'm just a bit bitter and a bit trigger happy with my walkout, (or what I said I would walk out on, i'd give any list a try at least once) since at the tail end of 6th (back when monster characters could joins squads) I faced a tau-farsight death star that stuck two riptides, the farsight character riptide, farsight himself and another battle suit commander with a mess of signature systems.

so too recap, ignored cover, twinlinking, tank hunter, split fire. . .somehow,2+ armor, one with 3+invul tanking my psi screams, shield drones, and hit and run, on two riptides when I had no bloody idea what was coming. did I mention I'm a green horn? oh and it was kill point.

that game lasted three turns maybe, likely less, and I did not inflict a single wound on ANY model in that army.

I refuse to play against a list that I have no hope in heaven of beating. a reasonable chance, yes, let me know you want to try that and i'll build something to beat it, even if the plan is just 'sacrifice something to melee for three turns and kill the rest of the army, it's still a plan. but bring something that is literally impossible for me to beat, and I won't play it.

only thing I've seen in that category (Thankfully, i'd hate to do a walk out in real life) is that farsight death star thing, strength9, ignore cover, tank hunting, AP2 large blast? when between the entire gameing group we don't even have the models for me to beg or barrow enough land raiders to try and stop that thing? NO.

this is a game, we both in it to have fun, bring a list that is unfun to play against and I'll play that list as little as possible (not YOU I'll play you all the time)unless I have time to prep against it, then "ere we go!" with a no hold bars fight. but that is an exception, and I don't want to play against a army list (cavet: unless I'm playing an army where this is normal like nids) that just forces me to remove entire units in one turn with no way for me to respond, and that is key, the Reponses.

if I mess up and you remove a whole unit? my fault.

if I unlucky and you remove a whole unit? lady luck why have you forsaken me!

If it is mathematically impossible to prevent you from destroying me, with no way I can respond? only then, do I put my foot down, and that only after I get bit once from it, but in the future expect me to get twice shy about that list.
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