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Hey ho, I felt my ears burning so I've ambled over :wink:

Most Foundings don't actually have a concrete date (or even a century) to their name but it usually follows that their were a number of foundings within a, relatively, short time early on but in the latter half of the Imperium's history these have become more spaced out. The 13th-21st Foundings for example all occurred within a handful of centuries (early M36).

I can't give you the exact dates for most but I can tell you the millenium the Founding occurred in (I won't bother with 1st & 2nd because there really isn't a point):

3rd: 001.M32
4th-12th: M32-M35
13th-21st: Early M36 (21st occurred shortly before the Age of Apostasy)
22nd-23rd: M37
24th: M38
25th: M40
26th: 738.M41
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