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Here's a short collaboration of links i've collected. I'll add to these each day, if you have any others you feel deserve a place post them up and let me know if any of the links are broken.


40kFight Club - 40k Community and Message Boards.
40kforums - Awesome 40k forum.
40kOnline - Battle reports, painting tutorials, editorials, tactics, fiction and enormous forums.
Astronomican - An online community covering all aspects of the Warhammer 40k hobby.
Bolter and Chainsword - Large 40k Forum dedicated to the users of Power Armour.
Boot Camp - The Best Imperial Guard Forum available.
Dakka - Exceptional Forum covering all aspects of the 40k hobby and many other systems as well.
Hammer of War Beautiful looking 40k forum covering all aspects and races of the hobby.
Iron Warriors 4th Co. - Specialist Iron Warriors forum.
Kovash Tauva - Large Fourm dedicated to the Tau.
Relic - Large vBulletin discussion board.
Storm Bolter - 40k Forum Moderated by our very own sangunius' chosen wing
Tau Online - Massive 40k Community and Message boards featuring all races but specializing in Tau.
The Warp - Fantastic looking 40k forum.
Warhammer40k - Very large Forum with lots of info.
Warseer - Rumours, news and forums (the new home of Portent).

Official Sites

Black Library - The publishing arm of Games Workshop.
Forgeworld - Highly detailed resin models for Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000.
Games Workshop - The official source for everything related to Warhammer 40,000 or any other GW games.
Sabretooth Games - Publishers of the Dark Millenium Card Game.
Official GW Erratas - Download page for the current Erratas and FAQ's.

General Hobby Sites

Batreps - 40k battle reports.
Critical Hit - News, rule updates, background information, and more.
Dan Scott Art Fantastic Artist for the Warcry CCG.
Dark Millennia - Map of the 40k Galaxy.
Dysartes - Informative Hobby Site featuring tactics, fiction, armies and modelling guides.
Fighting Tigers of Veda - Absolutely awesome 40k hobby site.
Gobstyks - Lincoln based wargaming club.
Imperial Literature - Warhammer 40k fan fiction.
OrdoFanaticus - Cool NW American Wargaming Site with forums.
Termi-Nation - Interesting Flash site dedicated to Tactical Dreadnought Armour.
TSOALR - Massive 40k Comic Site.
Warvault - More than just another webring - has links to many wargaming sites.

Modelling and Painting Sites

CoolMiniOrNot - Enormous figure painting resource featuring reader submitted paintings.
Dark Showcase Studios - Exceptional miniature painting studio.
PaintingClinc - Great site with many hints and tips.
TerraGenesis- Fantastic Terrain making resource site.
Net Terrain - Excellent terrain site.
weetoysoldiers - Exceptional painting site run by weetoysoldiers.

I am more than willing to exchange banners with the owners of any of the sites above. The internets a big place - we aren't going to be anal like certain other forums i've encountered.

http://www.crownjewels.com Crown Jeweld Web Directory.
http://directory.maximumawesome.com Maximum Awesome Directory.
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Looks like you guys are also working on a good gaming resource list, I started something similiar on the astro forums and way back when gw forums were still with us. I was always annoyed that it was so difficult to find a lott of these things, so here's me contribution to the gaming community. (now if I could only find an online source for the extra kill team rules such as Nemesis)

Below you'll find info on races, fluff, conversions, black gobbo articles, downloadable rules and many, many more things. Right now each race and several marine chapters have their own section which also includes race/chapter exclusive rules. The first section, Fluff and Rules, also contains more generally usefull extra rules. Such as the vehicle design rules and the campaign books.

Finally I want to gratefully thank everybody that has contributed to this list!



Hephesto has now re-posted his

40K resource list

into its own thread as suggested by Jezlad and always
seems to be updating it :) .
So it always worth a look.

Thanks Hephesto for a really useful and interesting resource.
Viscount Vash
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Useful little thing isn't it :wink: Glad I can make myself useful around here, and stuff like this helps everybody!

I'll keep updating this list as time passes on, and as I promised Vash I'll have a similiar list for fantasy done by the end of the week (hopefully). With all kinds of great stuff like reference sheets, conversions, border patrol and black gobbo articles.
Well that takes care of the first update of the resource list. Several new conversions, armies etc have been added.

And the first race differentiation has also started with the forces of chaos (and yes, I'm somewhat biased towards the followers of the ruinous powers) with the Emperor's Children. In time other legion of chaos and subfactions of other races will follow.
I strongly encourage everyone to check out the chaos squats in the csm section, those guy are so great. Same goes for the chaos dwarf stuff from the WFB resource list.

Looks like chaos really has its fangs deep in me and isn't planning to let go any time soon :wink:
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