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This is my first attempt at writing a battle report. I hope you guys enjoy it and I would love to know any feedback on how to improve it.

Game was a line breaker battle mission between roughly 1500pts of my imperial guard and roughly 1500pts of superheavy tanks.

Objective I believe was for the super heavies to cross through & make it to the other side of the map. Forces used by each side are listed at end of battle report.

The Forces Involved:

The Super Heavies ...
Baneblade: 2 Extra Sponsons
Hellhammer: Sponsons Replaced with 14 Side Armour
Shadow Sword: Hull Heavy Bolters

My Forces the 36th NightHawk Legion -3rd Company (Imperial Guard)
HQ - 3rd Company Command Squad : “Captain Wertze” (CO) - Power Fist & Laspistol ; “ Lieutenant Isabel” - Meltagun, Priest – Eviscerator, Chimera “Vengeance” ; Heavy Flamer, Multilaser

Troop - Legionnaire Squad [362] (Veteran Squad) : “Sergeant Merridia” - Plasma Pistol ; 3x Meltaguns
Chimera “Chrysamere” ; Heavy Flamer, Multilaser

Troop - Legionnaire Squad [365] (Veteran Squad) : “Sergeant Otto” - Plasma Pistol ; 3x Meltaguns
Chimera “Despair”; Heavy Flamer, Multilaser

Troop - Platoon Command [310]: “Lieutenant Colvin” - Bolt Pistol ; 4x Flamers
Infantry Squad [311]: “Initiate Sergeant Gallows” ; 1x Grenade Launcher ; 1x Autocannon
Infantry Squad [312]: “Initiate Sergeant Pelagius” ; 1x Grenade Launcher ; 1x Autocannon
Infantry Squad [313]: “Initiate Sergeant Dusk” ; 1x Grenade Launcher ; 1x Autocannon

Elite - Guardsman Marbo
Elite -Storm Trooper Squad [396]: “Master Sergeant Mirabel” - Boltgun ; 2x Meltaguns

HS - Leman Russ Demolisher “Indifference” - Heavy Flamer
Leman Russ Demolisher “Defiance” - Heavy Flamer
HS - Basilisk
HS - Leman Russ Battle Tank “Shatterer of Dreams” - Lascannon


Set up: I set up on one half of map as follows...
My Infantry Squads and platoon command up in buildings on each side of map
The Leman Russes in centre of my deployment zone
Marbo and storm troopers in reserve
The 2 veteran Squads and company command in their chimeras hiding behind a building
...and the Basilisk at far corner of map behind a building out of LOS of anything...
The Super Heavies started in a row on the opposite side with Baneblade in middle.


My Turn 1:
Movements: All my units hold tight ready for the incoming onslaught...
Shooting: All Leman Russes, Basilisk and Autocannon Teams open Fire. A LRD causes a structure point damage to the Shadowsword, LRBT's Lasconnon takes out Shadowsword's main gun, an autocannon damages Baneblade's Tracks and Basilisk lobs a shell into the Baneblade & causes a structure point damage.
Assault: None, I'm not that desperate.. yet...

Super Heavy turn 1:
Movement: Shadowsword stops for maintenance and repairs its main gun. Other 2 advance 6inches.
Shooting: Baneblade's immobilises command chimera, and Immobilises an LRD. Hellhammer Cannon destroys command chimera's turret. All Heavy bolters and Hellhammer's demolisher cannon fire at and inflict heavy casualties on my infantry squads.

My Turn 2
Storm troopers drop in behind the Baneblade. Company command abandon their chimera and head for a nearby building. Veteran squad [362]'s chimera drives them at full speed through some trees along map edge on side of the Hellhammer. Veteran squad [365] drive cautiously toward Hellhammer keeping out of sight. Everyone else holds tight...
All Leman Russes, autocannons and basilisk fire with little effect. Both Meltagun storm trooper's miss at point blank range (I kid you not they were within 2 Inches of Baneblade!) If they survive their going straight back to training camp...
Still no assault.

Super Heavy Turn 2
Baneblade backs up into storm troopers behind it squishing 1 but not before the brave trooper could fire his meltagun, causing another structure point of damage. Shadowsword moves up 6 inches to be in line with Hellhammer which holds its position.
Hellhammer immobilises an LRD. The Shadowsword's Volcano cannon takes out one of the immobilised LRDs and one of its Lasconnons Stuns the LRBT. Baneblade has a fail moment and doesn't do anything significant with its main gun or lascannons.Heavy bolter fire wipes out the stormtroopers and several more infantrymen.

My Turn 3
Marbo drops in behind the Shadowsword. Veteran squad [362] drives right up to the side of the Hellhammer and Company Command head towards the front.
Veteran Squad [362] fail epically (No noticeable damage) but 1st Lieutenant in the company command causes 2 structure points of damage to the Hellhammer with her meltagun (Someone's getting a pay rise!). Marbo's Demo charge hits but does no noticeable damage to the Shadowsword. Basilisk and one surviving LRD fire to no effect and an autocannon damages Shadowsword's tracks.
Assault: Company command charge the Hellhammer and the priest finishes it off (No explosion though ...Phew!)

Super Heavy Turn 3
Baneblade moves up to Shadowsword's position
Shadowsword takes out the LRBT with its main gun. Banblade kills 3 unimportant company command members with Lascannons and Heavy Bolters and tries but fails to kill ant platoon command members with its demolisher cannon. Heavy Bolter fire kills Marbo and some more infantrymen.

My Turn 4
With the Hellhammer eliminated the 2 veteran squads and remaining command squad members advance around it toward the Baneblade.
1 veteran squad finishes off the Baneblade. Company command, other veteran squad, basilisk and the remaining LRD take out another structure point, the main gun and a Lasconnon on the Shadowsword.
Priest takes out the Shadowsword's other Lascannon and immobilises it.

Super Heavy Turn 4
That Shadowsword ain't going anywhere fast...
With its only functional weapons the Shadowsword opens fire on the company command squad. Its heavy bolter fire takes out the priest and the 1st Lieutenant.

My Turn 5
Veteran squads in their Chimeras close in for the kill and the captain tries to drag back any surviving squad members.
6 Meltagun shots later the Shadowsword loses its last structure point... and goes nuclear! Captain Wertze and several infantrymen are taken out by blast, the transports of 2 veteran squads are damaged.


My Surviving forces: (What remained after the devastation!)
The 3 Chimeras and 1 LRD are badly damaged but still functional.
Basilisk hid behind a building and so was completely unscathed as were the veterans in their chimeras
Just under half of the initial number of infantry squad members and all of the platoon command survived.

+ I like to assume my captain and 1st lieutenant were only incapacitated and dragged out by veteran squad members...

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Hey Man...windy Wellington aye. I'm from Lower Hutt myself, lived in Maungaraki...now in Aus.

Great report, very entertaining. Taking on a Super-heavy formation is an interesting twist, and you captured the atmosphere really well, so well done. + Rep for a good read.

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cool idea for a game, might try it our sometime.

I like the style of your battle report, especially the way you named the squads and some of the models

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Sweet. Its nice to see someone liked it. I was beginning to think nobody liked it judging by lack of response :(

Also nice see others from NZ... even if you don't live here any more. :grin:


Oh and as for the mission type. Its one of the special missions in battle missions book.

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awesome batrep, enjoyable:biggrin:
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