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Apart from the bleeding obvious 'use high S and low AP' suggestion, to which I could add 'remember to roll lots and lots of 6s when trying to hit or wound the enemy' (which works against EVERY ARMY in 40k), there are a few useful tips against Necrons.

Assaulting Necrons can be a good thing, but only if you have models with Power Weapons and/or are able to get at least 15+ attacks against a single unit per round of combat. Remember that, even with a low I, Necrons are pretty much identical to SMs in CC; so don't take it for granted.

In very practical terms you need to concentrate on killing complete units, rather than spreading damage between multiple units. If you find yourself up against Monoliths then you should point all S10 and S9 shots at them - you can't afford to ignore them.

If there are C'tan... just hope you can even hurt them. You need to have a minimum of S5+ to hurt a C'tan, so stay well out of CC with them. Also keep any vehicles away from them, they are S9/10 and get 2d6 AP on the rear armour... That means auto-penetrate vs AV10/11 respectively, with 5 or 6 attacks...

Other than that, you need to keep your discipline and stick to your plans. Too often people get frustrated against Necrons that refuse to die and try to change tactics half way through a game, by which time it is usually too late and they accelerate their own decline.
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