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Fluff wise, most psykers are limited to varying levels of low power - a sphere of influence around them - see ravenor, Sethis, the Gaunt's Ghosts psyker kid (can't remember his name).

These seem to be daemon fodder if not bound to the emperor, or die horribly like a large number of navigators and astropaths throughout the novels.

Some are more powerful, especially those with enhanced physiology like the Thousand Sons. Ahriman, the most powerful of these, is almost inhuman in his mental discipline and acuity.

I can't even imagine what malcador's mind would be like, and he is lauded as the most powerful human psyker ever (not amongst the God-Emperor or a space marines though, I believe).

But for power rungs, I suppose somewhere there is a bell curve with most being able to summon or fall to daemons and influence the world around them, some being more powerful and able to influence the future, reach across longer distances and such, and a very few who are able to speak across the galaxy, move mountains, battle greater daemons and twist Tzeench's beard.
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