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Just another quick pondering, as you can see above is there actually any limit to the power of a psyker? Particularly human ones?

Just finished watching that old anime "akira" and it brings up an interesting idea that if a psyker or something similar in "akira" is more powerful than what they can control, is there any particular fallout for that? Most likely some form of daemon invasion due to gaps in the warp or something.

In the movie it shows "Tasuma" a young boy have his latent gift (similar to a psyker) be awakened, then after the administering of a supressent of sorts have the drug wear off and have his power grow until it reaches more than he can control which ends up with him mutating wildly and having his powers rampage.

Apart from psykers like marines the power seems to be lower apart from those such as the emperor or daemons. Only instance i can think of is a story involving the "Black templars" where they assist some witch hunters with a psyker who ends up flattening a hive city to escape them. But even with not much control she seemed not much worse for wear.

So the question is there cases like this in 40k? Or is it a short death at the hands of a daemon?

Any thoughts?
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