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Librarius Conclave and 'end of phase'

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I posted this question on a few groups already. I've seen some various replies, and I'm gathering more opinions.

In the new SM Codex, the Librarius Conclave Formation (and also the datasheet that was released last year for Dark Angels!) has an interesting rule.

Short version: Nominate one Librarian to cast ALL powers that the other librarians in this formation (within 12" of the nominated dude) knows. If one Libby is within 12" of the 'master', he casts on a 3+. if 2 are within 12", he casts on a 2+. If you use this option, ALL Librarians (regardless of within 12") can't cast until the end of the psychic phase.

Emphasis mine, but you can guess where this question is going.

RAI, this means to say that the Librarians can't cast again until their next turn. To my knowledge there are no effects anymore that can be activated in another turn, during assault (I'm looking at you, Force), etc. To mix games, every Psychic Power is a 'sorcery', not an 'instant'.

RAW, I'm finding more and more people that are saying that 'until the end of the psychic phase' means that as long as everything else in that phase has happened, you can THEN start casting with those Librarians because now it's the end of your phase.

However, in the BRB, 'End of the Phase' is listed as 'after all other actions have occurred, before the next phase begins' (I'm paraphrasing from memory). So for instance, picking up the Relic happens at the END of the movement phase, after all movement, before Shooting begins.

So... what's your take on it? Are the Librarians unable to act at all for casting until their next turn, and GW once again failed to write a rule correctly? Or can they cast AT the end of the psychic phase?
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The Librarians in the formation other than the nominated Librarian for the Formation's special rule can't cast that turn. The logical premises of this argument are located at the ends of my arms.
Dark Angels players still haven't accepted their status as the whipping boys of GW, forever doomed to be the shitty green Marines who do nothing regular Marines can't do better and at randomly higher points costs?

You've had like four editions to get used to it, guys - hell, I did and I only played them as DA after the 6th ed Codex dropped!
In regards to the other chapters not getting updated, it's about time they were folded back into the core rules.
The Space Marines Codex is a 200-page hardback, if they add all the Blood Angel, Dark Angel and Space Wolf unique shit to it I won't be able to take the fucker anywhere without a pallet truck. It'd also cost a bajillion dollars.
Blood Angels have a chapter tactic, Librarian Dreadnoughts, Furioso Dreadnoughts, Sanguinary Priests, Sanguinary Guard, Death Company, Baal Predators, and five or more special characters. Dark Angels have 3 special characters if you don't count Asmodai, FOC swaps for Terminators, Deathwing Knights, Ravenwing Black Knights, Terminator Command Squads, Darkshrouds, Nephilim Jet fighters, Dark Talons, and Land Speeder Vengeances, plus a chapter tactic. Space Wolves have at least five special characters, different statlines for Skyclaws, Blood Claws and Swiftclaws, alternative Dreadnought loadouts, Thunderwolves, Fenrisian Wolves, the Stormwolf and Stormfang flyers, Wolf Guard instead of Sternguard and Vanguard, alternative Librarians and Chaplain/Apothecaries, and alternative squad composition for their Tactical Marine equivalent.

That's without going into unique wargear or alternative unit options.
How about we have one Codex that contains a Scout, a Space Marine, and a 30k-era Centurion statline HQ for infantry, and a Land Speeder, a Rhino and a Land Raider for tanks? Add the Flyers and you could have all the Marine units from all the Marine chapters available from those eight unit entries! We'd have one four-page Codex instead of five 150-200 pagers!
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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