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Librarian vs. Chaplain

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which character has more tactical flexibility? I personally like the damage output of a librarian, but the chaplains morale bonuses are handy too
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IMHO, Librarian hands down. Psychic powers like fury of the ancients and fear of darkness are absolutely brilliant. Not only that, the psychic hood is invaluable and imo a must have especially with Lash Princes and eldrad users becoming so popular. Also the force weapon can be so useful against enemy characters

The chaplain's advantages are good but imo irrelevent in alot of situations. Its quite good that he makes a squad fearless. But SM have high leadership with and they shall know no fear, so it doesnt matter really. Similarly, re-rolling misses on the charge can be juicy, but I think SM are generally not the strongest combat force. There are endless units with a higher initiative that will tear down SM combat squads for breakfast.

the librarian can attack multiple units without needing los, make massive portions of the enemy army fairly reliably run away, instant kill characters and has a brilliant psychic defence. Its just a no-brainer for me.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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