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Librarian vs. Chaplain

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which character has more tactical flexibility? I personally like the damage output of a librarian, but the chaplains morale bonuses are handy too
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Don't forget the Chaplains ability to allow the squad he is with to reroll misses when charging. Combine a term chappy with a lightning claw armed termy squad and you have brutal death to deliver to any unit with near impunity.
In addition you have the Psychic hood to try and nullify your opponents psychic attacks which with the new chaos is quite often
I hate psychic hoods. Hate them. I will be the first to admit that Lash of Submission is somewhat overpowered and at the very least should cost more but the hoods ability to negate ALL powers cast in a turn is ridiculous imho. And I thought that even before the new chaos codex came out, especially after seeing a single hood pretty much screw over an Eldar force for an entire game. The Eldar player just could not get a single power off thanks to that hood and as a consequence lost the game BADLY because of it. Hoods either need to be FAR more expensive or there should be a limit of some kind on how many powers it prevents. I saw a suggestion once that the first one should work as normal and any negations after that should require a 5+, then a 6+ for each attempt after that and I find that idea to be quite excellent actually. Means it is still good but puts it back into the range of other wargear. As it stands now however it is too much.
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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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