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Librarian vs. Chaplain

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which character has more tactical flexibility? I personally like the damage output of a librarian, but the chaplains morale bonuses are handy too
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I personally go with Librarians.. Im never on the field without one. First off the pyschic powers are pretty cool. You can make him a HtH monster with Might of Heros, get your re-rolls with Veil of Time, make horde armies run with Fear of Darkness, pin horde armies with Fury of the Ancients, try to kill models in a really cool way with Vortex of Doom, or just keep the original Storm of Emporers wrath and shoot people with a nice Ap2 Blast shot. In addition you have the Psychic hood to try and nullify your opponents psychic attacks which with the new chaos is quite often, and you have your own Force weapon to kill characters out right in HtH. Give him a Familiar and now hes Init 6 which gives you good chance of going first/same time in HtH with other characters.

Chappys are great but there biggest benefit IMHO (Litanies of Hate) is used only when charging. With the new Chaos Lash armies its becomes far more difficult to get the charge and often times your cc unit will be manipulated so that it looses the charge.
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