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Hey. I'm looking for players for a Deathwatch campaign. It will run every Sunday GMT 02:00 - 06:00. You need Skype and Maptools. I don't think I'll get too many people asking to play just because of the unusual time zone, but if I get more than four volunteers by the end of the month, then I will prioritize those with the best grammar and amicability.

You can reach me at [email protected]. Please do not bother to prepare anything until I've confirmed your invite, but the game will use default creation rules and allow material from any published book. If you are joining with any friends, please make that clear. If you want to make things easier on me, please include your Skype name so I can forward everyone a contact list before the game starts. Invites go out on 1/30 and the first game is on 2/1. If you are not selected for the game or (more likely) I don't get four volunteers, then I'll reply to politely turn you down.

Rule of Cool trumps any rules lawyering and I will always try to give players a fair shot at any of the ridiculous bullshit they come up with. There will be no politicking and the only characterization you'll have time for is the smack-talk parleyed between righteous swipes of your chainsword. The first adventure will be a little railroaded to get everyone used to how the I run the rules, but after that missions will be much more open ended. Please be prepared to be very proactive as heroes. Also, practice your gratuitous descriptions of killing blows and other self-aggrandizing heroics.

Our story begins aboard the Cardinal Hope, a lumbering merchant vessel the size of a Cardinal-class frigate but with none of the Emperor's holy armanents of war. It is so lightly armed for its colossal size that even a Deathwatch Astartes gets manly pre-battle shivers at the thought of unescorted Warp travel, especially when the route cuts right through a desolate expanse of space from Bray and Ornsworld where an infamous Eldar raiding vessel has brought trade to a standstill and threatens Imperial throughput to the shield worlds surrounding the Eye of Terror. Any questions by the terrified captain or his crew as to why their ship of all others in port was impressed into service for the Inquisition have been answered with a maniacal, "ACCORDING TO PLAN!" by Inquisitor Winterheim. His Deathwatch fire team won't let anyone near Anterior Loading Bay 6, either, but the rumor started by dockers off the Saxxus shipyards is that it's now filled with two Deathstrike thermonuclear warheads. You know, all the dangerous explosive bits of a tactical nuclear missile without any of the bulky propulsion systems used to carry them a safe distance away...
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