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Hey guys, so i'm coming back to the hobby after a year or so. Just wanted to make sure I still remember the order of things :p

1. Cut out parts from sprue.
2. Clean up mold lining (I think that's what it was called? the little excess bits of sprue)
3. Assemble the model
4. Undercoat
5. Basecoat the different areas
6. Apply washes
7. Highlight (Although I never did get the hang of highlighting, but I did learn my paints where still too thick whenever I tried)
8. Decorate and paint the base.

Did I miss anything?

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Is that a general thing with varnish or people just using to much of it?
You can get different forms of varnish; Glossy (GW's "'ArdCoat" for example) and Matt (Army painter spray offers this).

Personally I always use matt varnish spray as a standard and paint gloss varnish on the bits that deserve it. Tongues, shiny armor, blood splotches and the like.

An example is this guy:

He's sprayed with matt varnish and then I painted gloss varnish on his tongue, giving it a wet look. It gives it a nice finish and protects the model from scratches all-together :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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