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Let the Galaxy Burn contains:

From 'Deathwing':
'Pestilence' by Dan Abnett
'Suffer Not the Unclean to Live' by Gav Thorpe
'Unforgiven' by Graham McNeill.

'Deathwing' also contains seven stories not in 'Let the Galaxy Burn', two of which are in 'The Inquisition War'.

From 'Into the Maelstrom': everything.

From 'Dark Imperium' everything except:
'Hive Fleet Horror' by Barrington J Bayley.

From 'Words of Blood' everything except:
'Chains of Command' by Graham McNeill - also found in 'The Ultramarines Omnibus'
'Missing in Action' by Dan Abnett - also found in 'Eisenhorn'
'Liberty' by Gav Thorpe - also found in 'The Last Chancers'.

Also included:
'The Fall of Malvolion' by Dan Abnett - also available by free download
'The Tower' by CS Goto
'Playing Patience' by Dan Abnett - also found in 'Ravenor: The Omnibus'.
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