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Lemartes: Guardian of the Lost

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So with the deadline approaching, who here has completed the service stud challenge and earned themselves a copy of Lemartes: Guardian of the Lost, and what purchases did you make to earn a copy??

I earned my sixth stud today, these were my purchases in the challenge;

G&F Kinslayer and Rebirth: First Edition (1st)
The Fall of Altdorf, Wolf Hunt (CD) and Sagas of the Wolf (CD) (2nd)
The Lord of the End Times, Knights of the Imperium and Heart of Rage (CD) (3rd)
G&F Slayer, The Shape of the Hunt (CD) and Masque of Vyle (4th)
Adeptus Mechanicus: Skitarius (5th)
Archaon: Lord of Chaos, Kharn: Eater of Worlds and Howl of the Banshee/The Path Forsaken (6th)

So in the end I have not bought anything that I wouldn't have bought eventually, apart from maybe Sagas of the Wolf and (though only after listening to it) The Shape of the Hunt which was rather poor. But that's a moot point now, Lemartes will be shipped out next week and I am quite looking forward to reading it. That said though, if this thing turns out to be a novella that has been improperly labelled as a novel (like Tallarn: Ironclad) I will be livid.

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And also get a portable hard drive. Don't cost much and are invaluable in the event your PC dies.
eBooks can also be easily backed up to any number of completely free cloud services due to the super small file size. Along with a RAID HDD configuration and a USB stick or external drive eBooks will outlast any physical copy, especially the paperbacks. The only problem is if you prefer the dead tree version.

173 pages, doesn't come as a huge surprise. Just don't buy anything unless the exact page number is listed.
If he was legit in his purchases the data is available for download once again. And with the various forms of other cloud storage available from publisher, to sales front companies like Amazon and Waterstones to 3rd party free or subscription based ones like Mega, Dropbox or anything, as well as cheap as chips (literally, going for as little as 10Gb/£ (I got a Samsung 500GB for £45 which has backed up everything), complaining about how "losing everything" due to a data crash is hardly like saying "losing everything" due to a fire in a house; even with a house fire you can get insurance, but it doesn't get back the actual goods.

If he didn't do it legit, then it's either a) just desserts, b) a case of redownloading, and c) a case of backing up anyway which he should be aware of.

For the sake of 1 hours work, or a few hours each week, not backing up your data in this day and age is a rookie error. It's why in the past things are replicated in triplicate as well.

You can only learn these things the hard way, though.

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Yes, they are. Both Deathstorm and Lemartes are 173 pages long. Yet they are advertised differently.

I don't trust data that way. Too easy to lose. I have a friend who lost every single book he owed because his kindle broke. And i've lost all the data on my laptop due to a faulty hardrive.
I don't know about Kindles. All I can tell you is that I could break my tablet a million times, but it wouldn't matter because you can download any eBook you bought from Black Library or iTunes as many times as you want. Unless their servers go down, my purchase is safe. Now, you still have to deal with a broken laptop or a broken tablet, but that's a different issue altogether!

I could be completely wrong. Maybe Black Library wouldn't give a damn if people shifted to eBooks in mass numbers. I don't think that would be the case, though. I can only imagine that they went the novella/exclusive/limited route because their sales studies indicated they could profit from it and that people would buy that stuff. Thus, I can only imagine that if people stop buying that stuff then Black Library will be forced to scale back on those products (to a point where, you know, they become limited again :wink: ).
Yeah, I hate to break it to you guys, but a novel is anything over 40k words.
Be that 40,001 or 240,000.

They should have posted a page count, but then at the same time, I really don't see the anger when it comes to getting a *free* book.

And it is free. I didn't do anything any differently and got 13 studs. Though I'm a sucker for art prints and free shipping.

It definitely sucks if you went out of your way or spent more than you would have normally to get it though. But then, it's still a free book.

And yeah LOTN, Deathstorm should be listed as a novel, isn't the Grey Knights Sanctus Reach listed as a novel because it's a similar page count.
A novel isn't only defined by the word count, the real measure is whether characters develop throughout the story.

If they don't develop even a 300 page work is still effectively a "short story." The function of a short story is to place characters is a situation and see how they react, but not how they change or develop.
Got a response from Black Library:

Thank you for your email and your feedback. We base our definitions of our books on word counts rather than page length as it is a more accurate way of classifying our products. As a rule our novels are a minimum of 80,000 words

I hope this helps,

Had a second reply from Black Library where I asked regarding Deathstorm's status as a novella, compared to the similarilly paged Lemartes.

Thanks for your reply. Deathstorm is actually a novel and was accidentally labeled incorrectly as it is also over 80,000 words.

So clearly you cant trust Black Library 'novels' to be large reads anymore.
A novel isn't only defined by the word count, the real measure is whether characters develop throughout the story.

If they don't develop even a 300 page work is still effectively a "short story." The function of a short story is to place characters is a situation and see how they react, but not how they change or develop.
I think this was a really good summary for a short contra full novels lenght.
Hmmm this isn't signed like the other 2 legends of the space marines books

Anyone had an email saying when this is shipping
So whats the page count? Skimpy 137 as previously mentioned?
175 pages,
Yeah, my copies going right on eBay. I'd rather have the Skitarii models i'll buy with the money.

Finished it, found it an enjoyable read that goes deeper into the character of the blood angels. Lemartes is really an unique character!

Tbh I think it was worth it after all, even if the book wasnt as large as I had liked it to be for the effort.

The book is a direct continuation of the plot that Mephiston continued from a short.
Is said short included?
Theres a booklet with 2 shorts 23 and 24 pages

The Endless Fall is a precursor to Lemartes and should be read first. Ghosts of Rage is an epilogue and clearly setting off for more books to come.

the 2 shorts here is entirely new. But the short I was refering to, was a precursor to mephiston, lord of death. Which Lemartes continues from.
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