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Lemartes: Guardian of the Lost

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So with the deadline approaching, who here has completed the service stud challenge and earned themselves a copy of Lemartes: Guardian of the Lost, and what purchases did you make to earn a copy??

I earned my sixth stud today, these were my purchases in the challenge;

G&F Kinslayer and Rebirth: First Edition (1st)
The Fall of Altdorf, Wolf Hunt (CD) and Sagas of the Wolf (CD) (2nd)
The Lord of the End Times, Knights of the Imperium and Heart of Rage (CD) (3rd)
G&F Slayer, The Shape of the Hunt (CD) and Masque of Vyle (4th)
Adeptus Mechanicus: Skitarius (5th)
Archaon: Lord of Chaos, Kharn: Eater of Worlds and Howl of the Banshee/The Path Forsaken (6th)

So in the end I have not bought anything that I wouldn't have bought eventually, apart from maybe Sagas of the Wolf and (though only after listening to it) The Shape of the Hunt which was rather poor. But that's a moot point now, Lemartes will be shipped out next week and I am quite looking forward to reading it. That said though, if this thing turns out to be a novella that has been improperly labelled as a novel (like Tallarn: Ironclad) I will be livid.

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18 service studs, so 3 copies in total.

Won‘t list all my orders here, but basically every WH40K and HH novel released since the promotion started, along with picking up a few of the Direct Exclusive books I did not have when they got rid of them.
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