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Orks have been sold.
Demolishers sold.
Valkyrie sold.
All LRBT sold.

I also have slightly under 1000pts of Sisters of Battle in case anyone is interested, composed of:

- 10 Sisters, Sister Superior, Flamer, Heavy Flamer
- 10 Sisters, Sister Superior, Flamer, Heavy Flamer
- 1 Storm Bolter Sister and 1 Melta Gun Sister
- 2 Rhinos
- 2 Exorcists converted from the Immolator kit with 2x Valkyrie Missile Pods instead of Heavy Flamers on the turret.
- 8 Seraphim, Sister Superior, 2 Hand Flamers

Feel free to make offers on the Sisters, I'm happy to sell off parts of them or the whole lot for a severe discount.

I also have a BFG Chaos Fleet that isn't seeing any play any more, composed of about 10 Cruisers/Heavy Cruisers. Let me know if there is any interest and I can post some pics up of that too.

Pictures are available of everything, please just ask. I prefer to be paid by paypal, and will expect you pay first unless you have higher rep/more posts than me. Free postage to the UK, please ask about postage costs to other countries as I will have to go get it weighed.

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Pictures by request:

Pic 1 is of the two demolishers. I have included all the weapons I was able to find:

3 Heavy Bolters
4 Multi Meltas
4 Heavy Flamers
3 Plasma Cannon
2 Lascannon
2 Demolisher
2 Executioner
1 Punisher

I am trying to move house at the moment, so I might be able to find more weapons with a prolonged search, this is what I found in the same box.

The rest of the pics are of my Sisters, in case anyone is interested.
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