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Now that we are GCN registered we can finally get on with hosting our first event!

Format: 40K Doubles Tournament. 4 games using GW's doubles framework. 500 points per player, but one force organisation chart to use between them. One Fast Attack, one Heavy Support and one Elites choice must be taken before a second and third may be added to the army. NOTE: Tyranid Spore Mines do NOT count towards the Fast Attack choice.

Date and time: Saturday 26th April, registration opens at 9am.

Location: Leicester Ukraine Club on Hinckley Road. LE3 0QY
http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefi...d=6597&stype=1 for a map and further details.

Cost: £10 per head. Cheques should be made payable to:
Leicester Phat Cats
4 Lindfield Road

Please include a note detailing players names, address for tickets to be sent to, armies used and team names, plus contact telephone number.

We will host 20 teams. First come first served basis.

Prizes: There will be prizes for Best Painted Army and Best General.

Lunch: Will not be provided, however, the venue has a bar for snacks and refreshments and there is a pizza and chinese place just across the road!

As spots are filled i'll post team names and players.

1. Josh and Gus - Flame On
2. Allan and Nathan - Leamington Steele
3. Gareth and Jonathan - Smoke and Ashes (Phat Kats)
4. Tom and Jamie - If Carlsberg Made Doubles Teams... (Marple Marauders)
5. Stef and Ross - Reviler (Phat Kats)
6. Anthony and Spencer - When Ants Attack! (Phat Kats)
7. Sonny and Jim - Shake & Bake (Phat Kats)
8. Dave and Dave - The Knights of Ni (Phat Kats)
9. Cooper and Dustin - Team Discount (Phat Kats)
10. Rob and Martin - Loony Spoon Lotus Ninjas (Phat Kats)
11. Rob and Nathalie - Team Hoyle
12. Tim and John - GW Leicester Spartans
13. Adam and Sandy - The NL Worst
14. Toast and Fex - For the Greater Win

Tickets are now available!

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Sounds like a good event, I will see if I can get some of the vets from Leamington interested as Leicester is not that far away. I am fairly sure Allen and Nathan would like to go as well, they are currently at the GT doubles and are having a great time.

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See you all there.... (I'm in team Hoyle)
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