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Oh My God.
My first thought when I saw your styrene work was "TEACH ME, MASTER!!!". The paintwork is also above all (and I see we use the same messy technique :wink: )
And then I saw you started casting these things. I cannot express how much I adore people like you, who have the skills to turn what their minds create into something physical, and offer it to the world.
I mean it's F'ing better and cheaper than Forge World's kit!
I have two Rhinos in the final stage of assembly, and in a few weeks time they would have been painted, but now I think I'm just gonna order two trim kits from your shop and try to fit them around what little decoration is already on them.

You sir are a master, and I am proud to know that the Chaos Forces feature such talented craftsmen.
1 - 1 of 342 Posts
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