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Legion of the Wretched

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Just a little fluff I made on my personalized legion, it's my first time round making fluff so if it's not as informative as it should be. Sorry.

The founding of the Legion of the Wretched

In the times before the Heresy, the death guard were a flourishing legion. Troops coming from each corner of the imperium
one such mercenery troop were the Legion of the Wretched. Lead by the ambitious Demetrius "Wretch" renowned for his ruthlessness
in battle and his other wise sickening features on his scarred body. He quickly became one of Mortarion's favoured Commanders.
When the Death Guard converted to chaos Demetrius was quick to follow Mortarion and joined him in all his expeditions. After the
fall of Horus and the ending of the heresy Demetrius' company was among the fleets to be infected by "Nurgle's Rot" and pledge
their alleigance to Nurgle. Their bodies slowly being bloated, their skin bursting in puddles of pus. Nurgle had already been fond
of demetrius for his rather disgusting battle scars that had been infected time and time again, as such he promoted
Demetrius to the rank of Daemon Prince. From that moment he seized to be Demetrius and took the name "The Plague Bearer".
At this point The Plague Bearer broke his company away from the Death Guard, taking it's old name once more. The legion of the Wretched.
They employed many fallen techmarines and as such looted as much technology they could from Imperial Worlds. Their extensive
knowledge of technology ment that their increased physical durability was combined with great war machines, making them nigh on impossible to kill.
The Legion of the Wretched started their campaign of Purging in the name of the Nurgle on the Imperial planet of Kyrenia IV.

The purging of Kyrenia IV

"Incoming drop pods commander!" The imperial guardsman screamed into his vox-communicator.
"All heavy weaponry! Unload up on those drop pods, blow up as many as you can!" The commander barked back in response.
A barrage of las weaponry lit up the sky, dozens of intesified beams of laser shooting through the cold air.
Three of the dozens of drop pods were blown up, sending clouds of disease through the air. Poisinous gases filling the once breathable sky. A troop of plague marines crashing down on a key imperial check point. As the armoured doors of the drop pod unfolded an unbearable stench filled the air, as a dozen chaos marines flooded out. A barrage of bolt gun fire was blown towards the imperial line, as each hit it's target they exploded in a gooey mess of blood and guts. Followed quickly by infected grenades, the imperial guardsmen retreated backwards. The plague marines following quickly, firing their bolt pistols and raising their blades in a blind rage. "Cut them down, purge this planet of it's inferior populance. In the name of Grand Father Nurgle!" The Plague Champion chanted, the battle cry was new to the chaos marines who responded in a raged roar. As they pushed forward they encoutered a barrage of lasgun fire attempting to stopping them from pushing forward. The plague marines didn't waver. They pushed forward taking little notice to the las fire that was both bouncing of their armour and piercing their skin.
The imperial guardsmen pushed back further, their commander cursing and spitting. "We need tank support, on the right most quarter of the city." The commander pleaded, he knew if they didn't recieve any support they would be cut down. In the next brief seconds their were grunts of joy, as the figure of a leman russ battle tank rumbled nearby.
The joy was short lived as they saw a daemon of great size and unbelievable gruesomeness fly towards the tank. The Plague Bearer sliced down his great sword towards the tanks hull cutting down the heavily armoured chassis with little effort. He then leaped off the tank as it ignited in a giant explotion, blowing smoke high into the air.

In the moments that the guardsmen had spent watching the leman russ being exploded, the plague marines had charged ever closer to the guardsmen. Realising their grave mistake the commander shouted nervously, "Brace your selves men!". He knew they were lost, the rotting figures of the plague marines were among them, their oozing wounds visible sickening the commander and his men. They let loose a volley of lasgun fire as their last desperate attempt at bringing down the plague marines. Their attempt was futile,
the plague marines fired their bolt pistols into the imperial guard line. A few men exploding into a gory pit of flesh and guts, the plague marines then slicing down into the imperial guardsmen. The guardsmen attempt to fight back was useless. The plague marines relentlessly cut through the imperial lines, the commander flailed his power weapon at the plague marines. He
had lost all his composure, all his training was forgotten as he slashed wildly at the seemingly invinsible plague marines. The champion stepped infront of his forces to face the commander he cut down the commander's sword arm with his own power weapon. Then as the commander fell back the champion drew closer to him, climbing ontop of the fallen commander.
Being so close to a putrid, sickening face had driven the commander mad. As the commander pleaded for death the champion laughed, drew closer and said, "Why would I grant you such a favour?". With that he placed his repulsive hand ontop of the commanders face and a sickening pile of flies filled the commander's mouth. As the commander trembled in his own melting, rotting flesh the champion rose to his feet. "Leave him to rot, he will spark the beggining of a disease that will plague this world for decades to come." The champion commanded, "Move onto the primary objective."

The start of the main assault

With a strong hold secured the battle ships of The Legion of The Wretched descended from the sky, breaking through Kyrenia's atmosphere. As the battleships landed shockwaves were sent through the ground, the very earth seemed to ripple upon being impacted by the huge ships. Gigantic hatches were opened, and dozens of Rhino Transports flooded out. Followed
swiftly by Predator Battle Tanks and vindicators. The last to disembark from the great battleships were the gigantic warmachines,the defilers, huge metal giants containing the spirit of a daemon within it's hull. It's giant crab like legs clambering forward. The vehicles streaming from the ships were as diseased and as rotten as the plague marines themselves. The full force of the Legion of the Wretched had been brough to bear and they were advancing swiftly to the high city of Asgaroth. Where they intended to slay the ruler of Kyrenia IV and leave it's forces without a leader and in disaray.

The taking of Asgaroth
"This is the 21st regiment, were pi-... we've been pinned down at the market ruins." The commander barked into his vox-communicator, "Requesting air support, immediately" There was a giant explosion next to the commander, a few of his men being blown to pieces. Rocks and debri soared through the air, smoke rising high into the atmosphere.
The commander peered over the top of the barricade his squad was pinned behind, what he saw didn't please him. The formidable image of a vindicator advanced on them, directly behind it two rhinos filled with rotting plague marines. The commander cursed, then shouted "Use your krak grenades men, light those tanks up!". The guardsmen quickly launched their krak grenades at the vindicator and the behind rhinos, they cursed their luck. Their krak grenades landed harmlessly on the ground beside
the vindicator causing nothing more than a small indent on the armoured chassis. They then ducked, preparing for a large battle shell to hit their position.Their were sighs of relief as three valkyries flew over head, letting a barrage of missile pods hammer the vindicator. The valkyries dropped down lower, the passangers bailed out. Storm troopers dropped to the ground, letting loose a volley of hell gun and melta gun fire on the vindicator. As the melta shots struck they burnt through the armoured
chassis disintegrating the vindicator's engine. The vindicator lit up in a bright light, before exploding in a blaze of fire. Sending sharpnel scatteriing around it. The plague marines disembarked from their rhinos, sending volleys of bolt gun fire into the storm troopers. A lone storm trooper exploded, his torn body sent flying into his companions. The guardsmen and storm troopers fired into the plague marines, finally the plague marines started to fall. Grenades were launched at the plague marines who incidentally fell back, using the rhinos
as cover. The plague champion cursed as he saw his men fall back, as the others retreated he stepped forward. He let his arms fall to his side, dropping his weapons. He raised his head to the sky, and his body started to spasm. His body exploded in a great thunder like din, leaving a pull of pus like blood and bones where he once stood. The imperial troops stared at the pool of bones and muck, and gasped in horror as something started to take shape in the mess. A giant bloated like figure started to form, wounds oozing pus and vomit. Fungus growing in every corner of the beast, the Great unclean one took shape. Towering high over the imperial troopers, he let out a wave of sickening vomit which covered the troopers completely. The troops upon being covered in "Nurgles Rot" started to warp, changing in physical appearance and losing there sanity. The troops slowly and painfully turned into mindless zombie like creatures, bearing "Nurgles rot".

The siege on the High Palace

The walls of the imperial palace shook, vindicators were letting out shell after shell onto the walls. The troops inside were pinned there, they could not attempt to counter attack and any help that had tried to come from neighbouring planets was stopped by the battle ships circulating Kyrenia. Inside a nervous ruler braced himself, his personal bodyguard surrounding him. Waiting for the moment the legion of the wretched would break through, and breach the palace walls. "Bring down the walls! Leave no-one purge this place of
existence!" The plague bearer shouted. It had been three days since the legion of the wretched had started their assault on Kyrenia and already they had brought the ruler to his knees. A large blast rocked the walls of the palace, before it capsized. With an opening breached the plague marines poured through, a never ending flow of plague marines swarmed into the palace. Led by The plague Bearer the plague marines cut through all resistance easily. The ruler braced his men, "We live...And we die, by the emperor's grace. Know this men if we fall today, your courage will be remembered! We will not be forgotten!". Chanted the emperor, there was a roar of approval. "Steady," He whispered to his men, "Steady," There was a large bash against the door. "Steady,"
A giant blade broke through the door, a horrible stench flowing into the room. Then the door was brought down and the plague marines swarmed in, The plague bearer the first to charge. "Charge!" He screamed. No guns were fired, there was just mindless tearing of armour and flesh. As the ruler tore through the plague marines with his mighty power weapon, he caught a glimpse of The plague bearer, as he did so the plague bearer spotted him too. Three short swings was all it took for the imperial ruler to be brought down, the plague bearer tore through him in seconds. His limbs being flung across the room, the plague bearer smiled a cracked smile. For now he knew this planet was doomed.
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