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As I was browsing today and saw the latest issue of White Dwarf, with the imposing KV128 Stormsurge Battlesuit gracing the cover, I decided to check out this week's pre-orders. Surprisingly I saw two new BL releases, both with the title Legends of the Dark Millennium. Sons of Corax by George Mann and Shas'O by various authors. I was pleasantly surprised, enough that I forgot that recently Black Library hasn't published much worth giving a sh*t about.

I should have remembered that.

Shas'O said:
384-page hardback. This book contains the following stories:

The Arkunasha War by Andy Chambers (previously available as an eBook)
Fire and Ice by Peter Fehervari (a brand new story)
Aun'Shi by Braden Campbell (previously available as an eBook)
A Sanctuary of Wyrms by Peter Fehervari (previously available in 'Deathwatch: Xenos Hunters'
Commander Shadow by Braden Campbell (previously available in Hammer and Bolter magazine)
Out Caste by Peter Fehervari (previously available as an eBook)
Shadowsun: The Last of Kiru's line (previously available as a hardback novella)
The Patient Hunter by Joe Parrino (previously available as an eBook)
The Kauyon by Andy Smillie (previously available as an audio drama)
The Tau'va by Andy Smillie (previously available as an audio drama)
Sons of Corax said:
256-page hardback. Contains the following stories:

Prey (previously available as an eBook)
Helion Rain (previously available as an audio drama)
With Baited Breath (previously available as an audio drama)
Old Scars (previously available in an event-exclusive book)
Labyrinth of Sorrows (previously available as an audio drama)
The Unkindness of Ravens (previously available in a limited edition format)
By Artifice, Alone (previously available in an event-exclusive book)
So £33 for two new short stories and a LOT of reprints... F*ck off. Apart from the new stories, which will be very short I have no doubt, I either already own all these stories or they were piddly little eshorts that I have no interest in getting. Oh and, the covers are bloody ugly. Black Library once had glorious cover arts by the likes of Clint Lee, Jon Sullivan and Raymond Swanland; now all they have is crap ripped from the codexs and re-used over and over again.

Once again Black Library disappoint.


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people here always complain about reprints but for those of us who don't buy most short stories/novellas/audio dramas these collections are really great.
It isn't that the reprints exist that bothers me, on the contrary I consider it a good thing that BL maintains an "everything in every format" policy. It's that they consider these reprints to be just as good as brand new products. As I have said in other threads; we used to get three brand new novels a month, minimum. Reprints were extra things, they weren't released with as much fanfare as new novels, but now most of what BL puts out are reprints of online stories and LEs with new paperback/hardback novels as a secondary priority.


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Yes, the book volume have gone down a LOT! Doesnt help things that they killed off Warhammer Fantasy, and the few book releases so far for AoS have been LE hardbacks.

Think we only have two non heresy warhammer 40k full book releases this year so far. Unforgiven and Ahriman Unchanged that isnt reprints or LE's. A truly unbelievable dropoff compared to past years.

Though it should pick up a bit for 2016, with a Beast arrises book per month.
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