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Legal/illegal model painting and bashing?

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I took a spin around the modeling threads but it seems more appropriate to post the question here. What I'm looking for is an explanation of the limits of modifying and bashing models when it comes to game rules. I'll narrow it down with some specifics:

1. Can I make a model taller or shorter than it would typically stand mounted on a plain black base? Example, could I cut the foot stands off a WH Seraphim and replace them with something else?

2. Do base sizes matter? Example, could I mount a character model on a slightly larger/taller base for dramatic effect, or must we use what they come with?

3. Are their size or height limitations when it comes to bashing models or adding wargear? Am I in violation of the rules if I make a model wider, taller, shorter, or longer by adding gear?

I really enjoy the hobby aspect of model collecting and painting, but I'd like to keep them tournament legal. Any advice would be appreciated. If there's an existing thread on this, please redirect me as I didn't see one.
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WysiWyg is a rule used in alot of tournaments, which effectively require you to put a model representing a specific wargear effect on the field. so if you have a melta gun in your squad you need a model representing a melta gun. so no 3 shouldnt be a problem since weapons can not be targeted anyway, it has to be a main part of the body you can see, so head chest legs or arms.

as for 2. I believe that theres something about you can not put a model on a smaller base, but you could put it on a bigger base, with the exception of some models (Canis) it should not be a problem, even with the stiff anal retards out there

as for 1. its a difficult grey area, since I have seen people complain about it all the time, like for making a sniper in a prone position would come into this question aswell, which the asshats will bitch about, making something taller wouldnt do much though.
@ Khainite GW makes prone snipers. Though, I would have to say that making your entire army prone would be a stretch (although if you pulled it off I'd play it just because it would be awesome to see)
they make SOME snipers prone, they dont do it for others, like the inquisitor stand alone sniper, whats it called, the assassin.

SM scout snipers are never prone either.
Now here's a question just for discussion:

I have some old style Terminators that came with the small bases back in the day. In order to include them in my squad of more current Terminators, I attached them to the larger bases. So far, nobody's had a problem with that.

What say you all?


I guess that prettymuch answers it ;)
since termies are also on the big bases, no one would bother you for putting the old metals on bigger bases
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