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Enjoying the first video. Some promising, tantalizing hints of tactical nuance in the overview, and I especially appreciate the emphasis on having fun. This seems like a great series to paint minis to.

I dunno if I could ever stomach Jinking a DW wound, myself, but only because I want to be able to sleep with myself at night. :grin:

VotLW can sometimes be useful if you have a handful of points available and some Havoc Squads you don't want running off the backfield after losing their ablative-wound-Champion. Still, I'd generally rather just get a meltabomb on somebody further up the field...

The downside to the Lord+Dark Apostle+(multiple Tzeentchi Sorcs) is that's a lot of HQ slots concentrated into a not-too-impressive unit that is a looot of points. If you're going for a Tzeentchi Doombolt biker Sorc, or something, you can always cast Boon on a Daemon Prince for a lower chance to Wound, since DPs don't have "Champion of Chaos." Plus, well, you can Jink for that 2+ on Be'lakor or a Nurgle DP.
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