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Very impressive value on both kits. Contents... CSM is unimaginative but I quite like the Tempestus. If I ever want to add some allies to my Ad Mech, I think I know where to look.


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/tg/ summed up what was bothering me about the CSM one:

The gayest part is the CSM have Hatred coming out of their fucking asses, literally half of all CSM upgrades involve Hatred already, we really don't need it AGAIN

>votlw gives a form of hatred
>dark apostles gives hatred bubble
>kharn the betrayer gives hatred
>at least one warlord trait in each supplement gives hatred
>so does the main codex
>chaos boons can give you hatred
>DP upgrades give hatred against some daemons
>I'm probably missing a few

I mean I get that CSM are mad at people but damn, can a heretic get some other special rules
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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