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I just logged in forums for the first time in over six years. Banner says "You last visited: 10-27-09"
(thanks for not deleting my account!)

I started collecting building and painting Space Marines and Chaos Marines in 2002 and stopped around '09. Last week I pulled my armies out of a closet for the first time. It was great, and it brought back all these emotions and ideas of projects I was working on and many I hadn't finished. I'm not rushing to finish any custom SM trikes or buggies yet. I think I want to focus on new projects.

I want to start with some custom Sisters of Battle but after a squad I think I want to build an Ork Army. I'm kind of interested in it being a fun playable army but the especially weird thing is in all that time I've never played a single skirmish. I had 4th and 5th edition rule books and codex but never actually had any one to play with and never felt like walking into one of the local shops and said "who wants to teach the new guy".

At some point I'll probably get around to really looking for people to play with but until then I'll model. Better start with a ton of new paint.:shok:

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Welcome aboard! :good:
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