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I like your list overall, the weakness being you have no answer to flyers but they will not be a common option for most Tau lists, I have never even seen a Tau player take a flyer as of yet tbh.

If I was to change things to make it better, I would drop the scouts, bikes and Baal pred

A 3rd vindicator would prove much better then the Baal.

Drop the plasma pistol for melta bombs on each assault unit, maybe give the power fists to the priests and then the bombs to the sergeants?

Then a 3rd assault marine unit in for the scouts and bikes.

You would be left with 95pts, I would then drop 1 Priest which would give you points for a Furioso dreadnought in a drop pod.

Just my view but your list seems decent as it is good luck.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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