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Lots of epic reveals from the Las Vegas opening. First and foremost, the Aelves are returning to Age of Sigmar and the Hag Queen herself will be leading them!

The Daughters of Khaine are looking fantastic! So many glimpses of new units, lets tick them off one by one.
-A commander with some kind of metal wings (fake or real??).
-What looks like Witch Aelf archers with serpentine bodies and Sisters of Slaughter with serpentine bodies and spears. Likely dual-kit.
-Sisters of Slaughter with bat wings and spears and Witch Aelves with bat wings and a sword and shield combo. Another likely dual-kit.
-Classic Witch Aelves and Doomfire Warlocks will still be part of the army.
-And finally Morathi herself, and uhh... she seems to have changed a touch...

Well I do already have multiple Age of Sigmar armies (Stormcast both regular and vanguard, Flesh-Eaters, Sylvaneth, Kharadron Overlords and Tzeentch Arcanites) so... i'll definitely be adding these lovely ladies to that list!!

The Fyreslayers will also be joining the damned warbands of Shadespire with a brand new release!

Impressive looking figures, a good addition to any Fyreslayer players army for sure. Not a release i'm interested in, but as usual i'm impressed by the sculpts and the design.

40k is getting some reinforcments as well, firstly the Knight Houses are being expanded with the new Mini-Knights! Also known as Armiger Warglaives these smaller Knights have quite the interesting lore behind them. "Smaller than their cousins and crewed by aspiring nobles, low-born commoners with a knack for war, or even the bastard children of Barons and High Kings, Armigers hunt and fight at the flanks of their larger kin. Knight Armigers will open up new tactical possibilities for Imperial Knights players, like a medieval lord hunting with his hounds, benefiting from a wider range of army builds."

I'll definitely be adding these to my Knightly court at some point, brilliant idea to enhance the knights beyond a one unit army. Very curious how powerful these bad boys will be and what power levels we are looking at.

In addition the Necrons are receiving some reinforcements in the form of the first ever PLASTIC Cryptek!

A glorious looking figure that i'm sure every Necron player will want. Love the little scarab disk he's riding on and connected to at the spine, plus his long staff is no longer guaranteed to break like it was with the Notfinecast version.

And to close it all off the Xenos will finally be receiving some 8th edition love with the Dark Eldar, Tau and Necron codexs confirmed for release later in the year. No actual date has been confirmed yet but I can't imagine they are far off. Also really liking the repaint for the Tau Commander on the new codex, looks like the Vior'la Sept colours are going to be the new main for the Tau Empire.



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Yeah, loving the knight. It's like a mini Atropos, so maybe two of them would make good hunting pack mates for the Atropos sitting on my shelf waiting to be assembled.
Here is your brother! A large part of the sprue pile is made up of a knight, he could do with 2 askari to flank him......in that sprue pile!
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