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Hey Guys, Decided I'm getting rid of all the armies I don't use so I will be putting up a couple of posts for ebay.

Okay, so my Tyranid Army is my biggest collect, I am keeping a certain portion but a lot of it was apart of a strip, repaint and restart build. Hence why a lot is sprayed. And why a lot of it isn't currently pictured as the catch with this is I will be updating this auction EVERY DAY with models I clean from Stripper, I do not have glue hence why there is a few broken models and models in Stripper will have had the bonds from the glue weaken.

This will be a pretty damn Big army, here are the models that are currently not in the stripper;


1x Tervigon
8x Genestealers
30x Hormagaunts

Non Painted/Base Coated;
1x Hive Tyrant, Wings, custom 4x TL Devourer
1x Hive Tyrant, Custom 4x TL Devourer
1x Tyrgon
1x Tervigon (in bits)
1x Carnifex 2x Scything Talons
1x Carnifex Scything Talons, Barbed Strangler
1x Carnifex Scything Talons, Crushing Claws (in Bits)
1x Swarmlord
1x OOP Original Old One Eye, bought back when I was 12... Oh the nostalgia. Scything Talons have been swapped to newer ones.
9x Warriors with various options, mainly Scything Talons/Deathspitter or Rending Claws/Spinefists
1x Custom converted Hive Tyrant
14x Spinefist Gaunts
2x Hormagaunts
2x Lictors
1x Death Leaper Lictor
1x Broodlord
1x Zoanthrope
25x Genestealers

Potential in Stripper;
1 - 3 more Carnifex
plenty more gaunts
plenty more genestealers
OOP Zoanthropes
more warriors
3x Warriors new on sprues (Confirmed)

When I send out this army to the highest bidder, I shall send out any and all spare bits, there should be more than enough to cover all the models that are missing limbs after stripping process or from general damage.

I will provide the Codex that I used but I fear the first hardback has now just been redone? I'm unsure but I will send it with the army anyway.

The only downside is I have no cases for this army and it shall be sent out in boxes in a box. Or it can alternatively be collected.

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