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I have just been very generously given a huge lot of LoTR models by my sisters boyfriend. There are 62 metal models, and around 150 plastic. Not including broken/ incomplete models. There is a good mix of good and evil models. Here is the list off the top of my head:
Aragorn, legolas, gimli, boromir, gandalf white and grey, saruman, ring wraith, 3 urukhai chiefs, an orc character, an urukhai berserker, balin, all the hobits regular models pluss a hobit with a pan and one on a tree stump (sam?), golem, king of rohan foot and mounted (no horse), kings son, the creepy dark haired guy from rohan, aragorns lover, a dark haired elf character (sorry im being so vague i dont know them all so well), ithilien standard, 9 army of the dead pluss king, 11 dwarf guard, 8 (i think) elf rangers?, pluss many more metal models that i cant name or describe! Then, 50 fighting urukhai with various weapon types, 20 ithilien soldiers, about 10 ithilien archers, 24 rhohan soldiers, 10 rohan archers, 5 rohan riders, 4 warg riders, 20 moria goblins, pluss many more again in plastic! Will take photos, and fill in the gaps with better detail if any of you are interested. All together i immagine the lot would cost 2 or 3 hundred new. Email me at [email protected]
if your interesteed and i will get back to you soon as. Can then discuss prices :) Not asking for a fortune, as i want a quick sale. Hope to hear from some of you!! :victory:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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