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Land Raider

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im and eldar player but one of my friends wanted to pay me to make a land raider for him so i had some fun.

i added this awesome spider web theme to it aswell.
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at the moment i think the metal looks very bright and monotone, although obviously it is a work in progress. I would have started with a darker metal, boltgun mixed with black but you could add a black wash to darken the colour[i don't think that looks as good usually though.
highlight the edges of the armour plates. it looks like you used regal blue so used enchanted blue or ultramarine blue, if you can do very fine lines then afterwards do the very edges white. Chuck some black wash over the metal, and maybe some brown/chesnut to give some rusty patches that breaks it up a little, but make sure you dont overdo it.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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