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Land Raider questions

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So I am playing a blood angels deep strike army, but I feel like im going to lack fire power. This is the first army I have ever made so I have a question. Is deep striking in a land rader a bad idea? I feel that im jsut going to lack that driving force unless I have something big on the feild, but I never see anyone talking about DS one of these things in. In theory it sounds great and nothing seems more scary than a big tank showing up in your face, but im wondering if anyone has seen it done or has any thought on it.
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Have you tried taking two predators? One Annihilator, one Destructor, autocannon paired with LC side sponsons, TL LC paired with HB sponsons. For a bit over 250, they divide the risk, and give you all the firepower you need.

why would you ever run a predator with TL LC and HB? There's a place for the AC/LC one since it's cheaper than LC/LC and does the job of popping light/med armour at range. But paying the silly price for the TLLC and then mixing it with HB makes no sense at all. If you want to have one and one do one with AC/HB and one with AC/LC.

to the OP:

a Land Raider isn't a point efficient way to add firepower. What the LR does is bring your nasty combat troops safely to CC and allow them to assault from inside. That's where all those points you pay go. The shooting is _almost_ incidental. If you want more firepower you have plenty of options which are much more points efficient.

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