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Land Raider questions

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So I am playing a blood angels deep strike army, but I feel like im going to lack fire power. This is the first army I have ever made so I have a question. Is deep striking in a land rader a bad idea? I feel that im jsut going to lack that driving force unless I have something big on the feild, but I never see anyone talking about DS one of these things in. In theory it sounds great and nothing seems more scary than a big tank showing up in your face, but im wondering if anyone has seen it done or has any thought on it.
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The armies I am playing agaisnt most are Space Wolves, Nids, Eldar, and Black Templar. Do you think it could make it across the board? Or should I just do with something else all together. I feel the strange urge to include a tank of some sort but I just dont want the risk of it blowing up before I get to use it because it will be the only tagert on the feild until my 30+ troops come in via deep strike.
Starting the feild with 2 preds woudnt that be asking to get them destroyed right of the bat?
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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