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Land Raider questions

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So I am playing a blood angels deep strike army, but I feel like im going to lack fire power. This is the first army I have ever made so I have a question. Is deep striking in a land rader a bad idea? I feel that im jsut going to lack that driving force unless I have something big on the feild, but I never see anyone talking about DS one of these things in. In theory it sounds great and nothing seems more scary than a big tank showing up in your face, but im wondering if anyone has seen it done or has any thought on it.
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You don't need anything big on the table tbh. You just need something to deal with whatever you expect to face.
But there is really not that many reasons to DS a LR. They take up a lot of space so they can easily mishap. And for their cost (especially with troops inside) it's a disaster if it doesn't show up. Or if it doesn't do it on time.
Besides, a LR is tough enough to make the trip across the table against most armies so you shouldn't worry that much.
But once again, if you play a DS heavy army you don't need one. Even if it seems cool to include it.
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