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Finally played my first game recently. Sam Mustafa has done a very good job of writing a set of Napoleonic introductory rules. There's enough detail to satisfy the most ardent trivialist without overwhelming the novice. Our game reached a conclusion in about 4 hours even with the early massive reference to the rules and discussion of how things work. This is amazingly fast. We played 21 player turns ( usual Napoleonic games get in maybe a dozen turns in a full day's gaming if everyone is familiar with the rules).
We played 15mm, but the system is designed to accomodate any scale and basing system. This, I think, is the strongest feature of the system.
In addition to the rules, there is an army building section that covers the major combatants, with other armies as downloads on his website.
The game is designed to reach a conclusion in about two hours, and judging by the speed of late game turns as we got more familiar with the rules I can see it easily happening.
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