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Theres more to come i made this because i saw loads of custom space marine chapters so i thought why cant orcs get custom clans

Kustom ork klan​
Dakkasnuff, stepping over dead imperials “Dose humies know how to keep a army good an’ propa too bad they can’t fight like a orc HA HA!”
Dakkasnuff’s right hand orc Durthug “Yer boss dey keeps it all nice un propa until dey get to da fight and it fall like a dead grot after its been hit ‘ard by a meganob”
Dakkasnuff “I kinda think dat Imperial clan ‘ave got a point about looking good if we had dat and are fighting goods we’d be on top, now what are those imperial clan leaders called y’know?”
One of the boys “Commissar boss?”
Dakkasnuff pulling out his shoota and spraying a load of bullets in less than a second at the boy hitting a handful of other boys at the same time.
Dakkasnuff “Shut up I’m trying’ to think!” 5 seconds pass by. “A Commissar. From now on call me Commissar Dakkasnuff now lets get this whaaargh looking good an’ proper”
Klan profile:
Leader: Commissar Dakkasnuff
Name: Da whaaargh legion
Home Planet: Alusmir
Terrain: 70% Jungle 20% Urban 10% Wetlands
Gravity: Standard
Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)
Length of Day:34.56 hours
Length of Year: 420
Hydrosphere: Wet
Temperature: Just above moderate
Population: 60000000
Crime rate: High but low when Commissar
Dakkasnuff near
Surface area: 909,606,568,854,465 sq km

Color: Brown, silver and blue
Fighting style: A horde of orc boyz with a dots of specialized infantry, tries to get to combat as fast as possible, use of vehicles is little only used for getting big hitters like meganobz to the front line fast
Home city: Balgach
Sworn enemy: Imperial Guard cause dey don’t look as propa as us

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nice start (not sure if this is a "create your own" type thread as in the "Random Chapter Challenge!")

if this is a "create your own" style - id suggest providing some parameters. like 1-6 fighting style 1 = green horde 2 = speed freaks = 3 trucks trucks trucks = 4 ???.

just with a few more things to add/roll

oh & next time can you put spaces between ork speak & english? since ork speak is hard enough to read as is...please.
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