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Look at the BRB FAQ...

Q. Am I able to gain the benefits of any of my
opponent’s wargear or special rules, such as
Teleport Homers, Chaos Icons, Tyranid Synapse,
Necron Resurrection Orbs etc?
A. In most occasions this is clear, as the rules use
the words ‘friendly’ or ‘own’ to indicate your
units, and ‘enemy’ for the opponent’s. On the
other hand, some rules clearly specify that they
affect ‘friend and foe’. A few rules are, however,
slightly ambiguous as they don’t clearly specify
this distinction. As a general principle, we
recommend that you cannot use or gain the
benefits from any of the wargear or special rules
of your opponent’s army, unless specifically
stated in the rule itself (‘friend or foe’) or in an
official FAQ.
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