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Hey everyone!

Just got all the dataslates for CSM and I'm not disappointed. Helcult is very good just for the reason my Helbrute has 2 PF and just charges into combat and dies before he can move another turn. So the bonuses for it make it a lot better and playable with ease.

Now I've come to talk about the Helguard Formation.
I'd tell you what it comes with but leaving out the bonuses but I don't wanna chance this thread being deleted. So if you're reading this, you must own it or have seen it in play.
My opinions on the formation leave me puzzled. The formation seems like it would be the best expensive battle force in 40k, it's got your HQ, core units, supporting units and more. It's perfect and a naked build for it I think comes down to 1000 maybe less. I only see this formation being taken in a few ways. Being in a narrative campaign, this and the Dark angels against eachother is perfect only being that's just who their fighting and through background, they hold Kranon's fate in their hands, He's meant to die by them from the prophecy. Or in a friendly match where you'd like to have an non-competitive match.

Those are my opinions, I'm sure this formation can be taken better through upgrades but barebones, it's kinda what I usually take, just swap out a bunch of units, hq and upgrade them pretty fierce.

But tell me your opinions on the Helguard Formation, would is the purpose of this build, what do you think GW was trying to accomplish.
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