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It's an incentive to buy the Dark Vengeance Expansion Pack for Crimson Slaughter (I do like how they saw the Dark Angel one was irretrievable garbage and didn't even try to salvage it), because in the base Codex there's really not all that much reason to want a Chaos Land Raider, a unit of 5 Raptors, the weird Cultist squad sizes, the stupidly expensive melee Chosen, the Helbrute etc.

It's a no-brainer if you have those units, since the bonuses are pretty strong, but it's mostly units you don't want to take and it leaves you no extra slots meaning you need an extra HQ and two Troops if you want to bring in Spawn, Maulerfiends, Obliterators, or indeed any unit other than the limited set in Dark Vengeance.
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