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I'll have to check what it provides, but I got it out of interest. It wasn't particularly noteworthy IIRC, though.

Edit, checked;

Grants Fear and Stubborn to all models in the formation, and provides a 12" bubble of -1 to Ld, and if within two bubbles, -1 to BS as well.

1x Chaos Lord, 1x Chosen, 1x Terminators, 2x Cultists, 1x Raptors, 1x Land Raider, 1x Helbrute means that minimum cost is 780pts before upgrades and at minimum model size.

The Chaos Cultists suck even more so, because they're not even ObSec, and for the opponent to suffer -1 to BS, you're having to put them within Rapid Fire range - so double the shots with slightly less accuracy, as opposed to just sitting at further range and halving the shots coming into you? 10 Shots at BS4 = 7 hits, 20 Shots at BS3 is 10 hits. Stubborn and Fear is wasted on them. Fear not only sucks (ATSKNF and Fearless being very prevalent) but you already have a Fearless Lord who you can put in the Cultists if they were sitting on the objective, meaning Stubborn is wasted on them. Raptors suck, as do Chaos Land Raiders (due to not having PotMS, while out of the box Helbrutes suck - nor can you make use of the Dataslate to improve them as they're all formations. Terminators can be okay, as can Chosen, but Fear and Stubborn doesn't actually make them that much better at the jobs you take them for, nor does it unlock particular combinations of tactics. They're simply just slightly better units, and if you were to take this list, and tool it up, you're looking at a 1k-1200pt list, with a further 165pt tax before you can take the powerful units like Heldrakes or Forgefiends.

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