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Ok I'll bite.

the fact of the matter is Corax was terrified to face Curze and run ran from him.

The bottom line is Corax saw that Curze was far stronger than him when he forcefully, and effortlessly lifted Corax's straining lightning claw with one hand.
Again false. Far stronger? Please. He WAS strained, the reason he has a 'calm' face during this scene is to make it seem that he's not. It plays right into the whole 'psychological warfare/instill fear' thing he goes for.

Corax was fearful for his life which caused him to run
Again not true. He fled because he was heading to the areas of the battle which were most fierce (as stated by the enemy themselves) and to assist his men in escaping, he cared about keeping his legion alive.

in hindsight he hated himself for being weaker than Curze thus he created psychological justification for why he ran.
No, he hated himself for letting Curze's parlor tricks get under his skin and for not staying and denying the enemy two commanders.

Corax was tired

he was unable to escape Curze's grasp.
And yet he did just that.

Curze could have killed Corax in that moment, and there would have been nothing that Corax could have done to stop it. Corax had lost his whip, Curze crushed Corax's lightning claw, and Curze could have stabbed Coraxz with his other free hand.
He could have punched Curze in the face before he had a chance OR stopped his free claw with his other free hand(since only one was directed at Lorgar).

Have a nice day sir.

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I am stating facts of what was stated in the book, while you are assigning your own emotional assumptions.
It is a widely known theme regarding Curze's character that he excels at instilling fear in his enemies. Emotions? what are those?

Corax had one lightning claw, his other hand had a lightning whip which was destroyed during the fight. Corax attempted to kill Lorgar with his remaining functioning hand which had a lightning claw
Yes that's all nice and dandy but it doesn't mean he can't use his bare fist to punch him and break his nose :)

"Corax looked to meet...snip...It was a smile both taut and mirthless..."
I'm sure you know the meaning of this word, which also helps prove my earlier point that it's an act.

From what was demonstrated in the book Curze was far stronger than Corax, Curze defiantly lifted Corax's straining claw that was striking downwards. Corax had the advantage of inertia and leverage, yet Curze still overpowered him without showing a single sign of strain. At that moment in time Corax was scared for his life, Curze could have killed Corax then and there. Corax had a single functioning hand, Curze had two functioning lightning claws. Curze trapped Corax and could have stabbed him at any moment, the only reason Corax escaped is because he burned out his jump pack to run away.
Well seeing as Corax is spent from the fighting and suffering from several primarch inflicted wounds I suppose at that moment in time he would be weaker than a fresh Curze, point conceded. That still doesn't mean he was scared. It was tactically a dumb move to stay and fight two primarchs when wounded and having his equipment so damaged. On top of this he would want to make sure his legion can escape from the slaughter.

Corax with his own strength, inertia, and power was unable to escape Curze's grasp. It states this in the book itself "Corax sought to wrench his claw free, but Curze’s second gauntlet closed on his brother’s wrist, so that Corax would be unable to fly away and escape his fate". The only reason Corax was able to escape was because he burned out the remaining fuel reserves of his jump pack in order to gain the necessary inertia to break free.
He chose to use his jump pack to escape. Again, he could have used his free hand (which used to wield the whip as you say) and punch him. A punch from a primarch is nothing to scoff at. Just because he didn't do it doesn't mean he couldn't.

Did you even read the book? Corax's lightning whip was destroyed, his breast plate was shattered, and he had one functioning hand left, which was used to wield his lightning claw. Corax was unaware Curze was even there, and then Corax struck downward with all his strength to strike Lorgar dead.
Like I've been saying, if he's whip was destroyed he could discard it and use his fist. Secondly, if his breast plate was damaged if you add that to having damaged/fewer weapons it would be tactically stupid to stay and fight a fresh enemy who's armed/armoured and batshit crazy and on top of that still have to deal with Lorgar (who could still prove to be a threat).

Much like Corax, please do assuage your ego since you clearly lost this battle.
While I'd normally be flattered at being likened to a demigod I'm against the spreading of false facts. Corax lost no battle, and neither did I, although I'm sure in your lunacy driven mind it may not look thay way.

Again, have a nice day.
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