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Konflict '47 New Releases

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The new Bolt Action spin-off game, Konflict '47, set in an alternate timeline that diverges from our own after the first atomic testing in 1943, has hit the shelves this month, along with the first wave of releases. Initial releases are for Germany and the US, with British and Russian releases coming over the next few months.

There are also starter armies avaialable, with other units that will be released later, like the Totenkorps, Nazi zombies, and a gravity weapon for your tanks, and heavy infantry, a light walker and a lightning weapon turret for your US troops.

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It seems like alternate WWII systems have longer legs than I would have expected.
The beauty of this one is that it's more a supplement for Bolt Action, rather than a whole new system. if you already have a BA army you need only buy a couple of the new units to get going, rather than start a whole new army project. There are slight changes, especially in the assault phase, but more to mitigate the CC monsters like German shrekwulfen and nachtjager(werewolves and vampires), and Russian Daughters of the Motherland.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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