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KoC's Ultimate Unit game #4 (dakka edition)

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Welcome to KoC's Ultimate Unit game #4 (dakka edition).

And yes, you guessed right. This edition is all about shooting! :victory:

Will be handing out a little more +rep this time too!

Rules are slightly changed (again) from the last game.
Be sure to read the details below!

You can take a unit from either Troops, Elites, Fast Attack, or Heavy Support.

You have 200 points to spend on the unit.
NO VEHICLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No reserves, deep strike, or outflank.

No terrain.

Send the details of the unit to me via PM, and you will be entered into the tournament.

Players will be randomly paired, and play in a knockout-style tournament until there is 1 person left.
The method of battle i will be using is as followed...

- Units are placed exactly 12" apart, and will never move.
- Units alternate shooting phases, with Unit 1 having the first turn.

- Units are placed exactly 12" apart, and will never move.
- Units alternate shooting phases, with Unit 2 having the first turn.

If a unit falls back from suffering 25% casualties and failing a morale test, then it will surrender and count as being destroyed.

Victory points will be calculated on a "per-model" basis, and added up from both rounds to calculate a winner.
If both units are tied from both rounds, then i will run the battle a second time.
All shooting will be rolled by me with dice.

Blast weapons will count as hitting D6+2 models with a 25mm base or D6 models with a 40mm base.
Large Blast weapons will count as hitting D6+4 models with a 25mm base, or D6+2 models with a 40mm base.
Template weapons will do nothing, as they can't reach 12".

There is a total of +100 rep up for grabs in prizes!!!!! :)

The player that posts the most unique/useless/funny unit will get +6 rep.
If you finish in the top 8, you will get +10 rep.
If you finish in the top 4, you will get +12 rep.
If you finish in the top 2, you will get +14 rep.
If you are crowned the champion, you will get +16 rep.

Good luck everyone! :victory:
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Will you have another award for your favorite unit this time?
:laugh: sorry, I can't read. PM sent.
So many people are going for this unique unit thing it may make it a walkover... Excelent :grin:
Actually, there is 1 unit thats being spammed a lot, and the funny thing is that the people that are taking it probably think that they are the only one. :laugh:
Ha I bet its the one I picked. I would be surprised if there wasn't another of my unit.
Sasha Nein
20 Termagants
- Devourers


- Starcannon
I know nothing of Tyranid weapons. Someone tell me these dont have some kind of freaky poison rule?

And I bet in some round my wraithlord will end up picking daisies while someone pours plasma into him :laugh:

Also as I said I'm surprised I have the only Wraithlord.
Aww everyone wants me dead :laugh:
Im just scared of those people who actually took plasmas and meltas, i hope some orks find them before they find me. :wink:
I know you wont like the sound of it but you could actually use some models and a blast template to see how many are hit. I understand that that would probably add too much work ontop of everything else butit is a suggestion, otherwise I think go with what you have now and change it so it mises 33% of the time in the next one.
I know sternguard get special ammo but what is the general gist of the ones they will be using vs my Wraithlord? I want to know my chances in this one.
They will, with all likelyhood, wound on a 2+ vs. your wraithlord. So good luck with that one... :p
Oh poo.....
Aww, well at least I did better then expected in that round. If only I had managed a single kill in the second round.
Congrats Kinglopey. And well done to all, especially Cheese. I hope to see you all next game.
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