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Anyone else read these books. Thought they were execllent, i love Reynolds stlye of writing, he is not afraid to have his books end badly for the good guys and main charctors. The ending to Knights of the Realm was very refreshing then just the standerd "good guys pwn all" apporch that is takin at times, and the final battle between The grail knight (cant spell his name) and the chaos cheiften was epic. They also did a good job of showing the true colors of the nobles of brettnnia, a group of pride filled and arrogant glory hunters who think themselves above just about everyone else. And the short times when the persprctive changed to the Empire ambassador showed the huge diffences between the two land (and the line that made me laugh "Dieter had decided that he hated Bretonnia." it just came out of no were in the middle of a battle. Very good placement.)

Almost made me want to start a bretonnain army...then 8th ed came and killed that dream. Im also excited for new omnibus, sad we have to wait till april though. Heres to pre-order.:biggrin:

So any other opainains?

Edit-well great seems this has already been done and i missed it... o well anyone stiil got something to say?
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