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I havent been here for a while, thought i would write up a little piece about the chapter master of the Frost Angels and how he got "knighted". If you've read my previous pieces you'll understand if not then... you can try to find them from a really long time ago. I havent wrote in a while so i might be rusty, C&C welcome as always

Tears were running down his cheeks, his vision was blurry, his mind tumbling in confusion. He saw all the traitors he had cut down, all the campaigns he had lived through. He forced himself to concentrate; he looked around, but only for a second before another wave of excruciating pain hit him. Sitting all around were his brothers-in-arms, kneeling down before him, under him. They stayed silent, merely watching him thrash in pain. He screamed for the first time in his life that day. Loud and clear, he expressed all his pain into one ear shattering screech. He remembered now, fully and completely… He was getting “knighted” as the Frost Angels called it. The revered bio-mechanical wings. The rite of initiation that each chapter master had received… without painkillers. There were servitors standing next to him, drilling their surgical equipment into his spine, installing the wings that would make him master of three thousand and five loyal, fighting space marines, like he once was. He wanted to give up and just die, to be finally free of this life. The images kicked in again, but different ones, ones he had not lived through, but knew of even better. Acromichus, the great and wise primarch, he who stood valiantly against the Emperor’s Children and yet was seldom remembered as the one and only twin of Sanguinuis. Acromichus stopped, he turned around, looking right at him and said, “Fight it brother! Fight the pain, for without pain, success cannot exist in this world. Become my legion’s master and carry the pride of the Emperor, for without leadership, not even three thousand adamantium clad superwarriors can defend the holy lands!”
He stopped thrashing, his face became tight with grim determination. He breathed in short gasps and winced at every prick of a needle or chisel. He grunted in pain and the tears kept coming, but he would survive. Live… LIVE DAMNIT! Must… sur..VIVE! He settled into an uncomfortable pattern, for hours all he did was think as loud as he can, live, survive, live, survive… And it worked, after what seemed like an eternity the pain stopped growing. He felt a strange sensation but ignored it. The Master of Sanctity, Brother Jonas, stepped up. “By the will of the Emperor and our primarch the twin of Sanguinuis, you have been chosen by our late Master to be gifted with Acromichus’ Wings. In his absence, I shall knight you. Arise new Chapter Master!” Jonas preached.
His vision was getting clearer now, and he was suddenly filled with great strength. He was lightly lifted off his feet and gently floated an inch off the ground over to Jonas, who had taken off his gauntlet and landed a punch square onto his head, “Brother Venar, I hereby knight you, Lord of the Cold, Chapter Master of the Frost Angels, and bearer of Acromichus’ wings and vengeance.
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i might just make them from GS, use assault marine legs, stick a wire up his ass and watch him fly.
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